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Josephine Anselin

Hi, and thank you for stopping by!

My name is Joséphine and I am a Physical Oceanography PhD researcher at the University of Cambridge and at the British Antarctic Survey. I am fascinated by the polar regions and through my PhD I am hoping to uncover part of the puzzle of ice-ocean interactions. Understanding the complex physical processes that take place when ocean water interacts with ice may have major implications for predicting melting of the Antarctic Ice Sheet, and its impact on global sea level rise. You can find out more about my research here.

Before moving into science, I worked as an engineer in the energy industry, spent three months crossing New Zealand on foot, and then created a digital marketing consulting business while living in Indonesia. I have also nurtured a passion for creative writing ever since leaving my corporate job in 2017. I now draw on all of these experiences to raise awareness about environmental and nature related topics through written pieces of content. As a writer I hope to share my fascination for the natural world, and to inspire more people to go outside, connect with nature, and help protect our planet’s last wild places.